TEDxUTP 2016

The future of young refugees | Deborah Priya Henry | TEDxUTP

The habitats of the future, cities made of soil | Pamela Tan | TEDxUTP

How to fix a broken society and empower women through it | Syerleena Abdul Rashid | TEDxUTP

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The Gen Y Dilemma, choosing to be unstable | Elisha Yeo | TEDxUTP

UTPSE Performance Part 1 | TEDxUTP 2016

TEDxUTP 2015

Why selling is the greatest expression of love? | Jason Campbell | TEDxUTP

How to be the “extra” in life | Zikry Kholil | TEDxUTP

What are Superheroes made of – Ronan Diego de Oliveira – TEDxUTP 2015

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Lenses | Beshr Al-Khateeb | TEDxUTP

“Adapt or Resist”… how humans behave? | Ahmed Alaa | TEDxUTP

Innovative thinking | Sukesh Pandian | TEDxUTP

The startup journey is not always what you expect – Arzumy MD | TEDxUTP 2015