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Undercroft, 15th August – “Extraordinary from The Ordinary” was the theme for the first ever TEDx’s talk event that took place here in UTP. Over 100 participants gathered in the spirit of a day full of ideas worth sharing and spreading through international platform in a local environment. TEDx is an independently organized version of a conference that produces TED Talks that are held in cities and universities all around the world. TEDxUTP spreads out an array of thought-provoking content under the overarching theme “Extraordinary from the Ordinary” through over 11 talks, videos and performances and with inspirational and visionary leaders from a wide spectrum of industries.


After registration, the ceremony started with a recorded video of TED conferences. The lights came up, and the talks begun with first speaker Ahmed Basyuni, founder of a youth organization, Arzumy MD, a startups hacker, Jason Campbell, a marketing leader and Jackie Yep from UNITEN, founder of FastTrack. The participants were quite excited about first round. After some social activity and lunch break, the talks were continued with Ronan Diego, a Brazilian who is also the leader and founder of AIESEC Paraguay followed by Ahmed Alaa a trainer from Egypt and Wesley Chan, Gold Chancellor recipient from UTP. This session was followed by a break and an energetic Mozambican dance performance by MyMoz. The last session speakers were Sukesh Pandian, an inventor and alumni of UTP, Walla SallahEldin a young women from Sudan. Zikry Kholil, co-founder of the movement Incitement and Beshr AL Khateeb, an aspiring student from UTP.

Extraordinary from the ordinary
15th August 2015
09.00am – 6.10pm 
Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (Undercroft, Seminar room 7)




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15th August 2015